Thor Optical Mini CATV RF Transmitter 45-1000Mhz

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CATV RF over fiber optical Transmitter 45-1000Mhz

The Thor Fiber Optical Mini CATV RF 45-1000Mhz Transmitter is mainly used for transmitting long-distance optical fiber transmission of CATV RF - Analog or digital QAM or ATSC Television Digital TV, telephone, and data transmission. It's an application for digital signal transmission of video and data in the cable television and communications industry. The transmission range can vary from 5km to 30km. It comes equipped with an advanced DFB laser that readily provides exceptionally high performance and RF power, as well as automatic processing technology developed by our company. Finally, it has a built-in micro-computer that automatically monitors the control system and guarantees the excellent performance of the equipment.


The F-RF-TX-MN-2 transmitter can be used with any or Thor Fiber optical RF receivers -

The PN  F-RF-TX/RX-MN-2mW  Transmitter Receiver kit is a TX F-RF-TX-MN-2 +  F-RF-RX-MN-2 

The transmission distance of optical signals depends on the Optical TX output power and the receiving power range of the optical receiver. For example, the transmitting power for this unit is about +2 dBm, and the receiving power of the incoming signal and RX sensitivity for the F-RF-RX-NM2 is about -5 dBm, which creates an optical budget of 7 dB. Therefore, the maximum allowable loss in the optical fiber or network is 7 dB. The loss in fiber on a 1310 nm optical signal is about 0.35 dB per kilometer. Additionally, there is always some loss with interconnections on the optical connectors or optical patch panels.

  • 45 -1000MHz working bandwidth
  • High-performance DFB coaxial laser that has a great linking performance and stable output
  • Advanced CPU processing and an auto-monitoring system to supervise the operational status which leads to a longer life of the laser
  • Low power loss design(less than 8W) which creates a very low operational temperature

IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 


HDMI Modulator and RF over fiber latency demonstration Thor Petit connected to Fiber optic TX and RX
This is a demonstration for showing you how to do HD video Encoding using QAM modulation and transporting it over 10Km of fiber This Specific setup is for applications where HDMI source " ROKU " device is connected to the HDMI RF modulator H-HDMI-RF-PETIT, the CATV RF channel number 2 created by the modulator then output through Coax is then connected to the CATV RF Fiber optic Transmitter, over single-mode fiber optic cable and over to the CATV RF optical receiver, the receiver converts the optical signal to electrical COAX RF signal again. The encoder modulators add a slight delay to the system, the fiber optic Tx and RX ads only 1ms delay.
Model Selection

F-RF-TX-MN-2mW  - 2mW laser up to10 Km over fiber

F-RF-TX-MN-10mW  - 10mW laser up to 40Km over fiber

The device is usually sold as a Transmitter + Receiver kit allowing CATV RF transmission point to point over the fiber

F-RF-TX/RX-MN-2mW  CATV Transmitter + receiver kit



Item Unit Technical specification
Wavelength nm 1310nm ± 20
Laser type   DFB laser
Optical modulation type   Direct optical strength modulation
Optical connector type  


IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 

Frequency range MHz 45-862/1000

RF input level



Flatness in band dB


Rf input resistance   75
Input reflection loss dB


Link C/N dB


Link C/CSO dB


Link C/CTB dB


AGC controlling range dB ±5
MGC controlling dB 0~10
Power Supply V 12V DC / 1.5A AC to DC power supply - Incuded ( F-Type Female coax connector)
Power Loss W

≤ 8

Dimension mm 140 x 90 x 26

Quick Installation guide
The Mini Transmitter and Mini Receiver set are plug and play devices if the RF input power to the TX and optical power Input to the RX are in the specified range.
 TX RF INPUT 15-25dBmV (75-85dBuV)  RX Optical INPUT should be +2 - 6dBm

1) Connect Power Supply to the Transmitter
2) Connect CATV RF Input to the F port connector - Please note, the RF Power should be     between 15-25dBmV (75-85dBuV)
3) Connect fiber optic cable to the Mini Transmitter Output - The Connector type MUST be     SC/APC, never use SC/PC (Blue flat connector)     NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE UNITS OPTICAL OUTPUT (you could burn your eye)
4 ) For short distance, point to point transmission, please plug 5db fiber optic attenuator,    included in the box. (if the transmitter is used with a fiber optic splitter, the attenuator is not     needed due to splitters insertion loss).     The fiber loss is about 0.35db/km in 1310nm wavelength there is also some slight loss in path panel     junctions typically 0.1 -0.5db per junction
5) The TX should show "ON" on the LCD, meaning it is transmitting and outputting an optical signal.



1) Connect POWER Supply to the Receiver, "No Light Input" or "Level too Low" the LED will be RED
2) Connect CATV RF cable to the F port connector - RF Output, the output will be about 22dBmV (82 dBuV)
3) Connect fiber optic cable to the Mini Receiver INPUT – The Connector type MUST be SC/APC, never use SC/PC    (Blue flat connector)             NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY TO THE FIBER JUMPER. (You will burn your eye)

4) The Optical level by the receiver should be about  +2 to -6dBm
5) The LED should turn from RED to GREEN
5a) The RED LED means no Link Light detector
5b) The red light might also mean saturation, LEVEL TOO HIGH, it is easy to determine when you plug in the optical jumper the unit will go from RED to GREEN to RED again, it means the optical level is higher than +2Dbm , the receiver will still work correctly if this level will be not higher than +5dbm, If higher then +5, please add 5db attenuator included with your purchase.  

Question and Answers
Unfortunately, RF Catv can only be transmitted over single-mode fiber. Multimode creates too much dispersion and reflections and the degradation is so severe, and so fast that it is literally impossible to put the cable on multimode. Would it be possible for you to pull a strand of single mode fiber? If possible that product you selected would be an ideal fit for your project.
The multimode fiber doesn't support CATV RF, the easiest way would be to install the single-mode fiber and use the following devices: Transmitter or if this is impossible, you can use RF to IP and IP to RF gateways.16 QAM to IP to 16 QAM Ethernet over Fiber Converters:
If you have Single-mode fiber in the rooms,
You can use the following units point to multipoint RF over fiber equipment
8mw CATV RF Transmitter: F-RF-TX-8
1x8 fiber optic slitter ( 1x6 is not available)
6 pcs  CATV RF fiber-optic receivers
8mw CATV RF Transmitter: F-RF-TX-8
1x8 fiber optic slitter ( 1x6 is not available)
6 pcs  CATV RF fiber optic receivers
CATV and RF in general has to be sent over Single Mode Fiber.
Formerly there were a couple companies who did Catv over multimode because it was analog, and they did very low frequencies, were able to make it work.
All of our units are wide band, covering the entire echelon of RF CATV, 45-870Mhz, which encompasses channels 2-135. Our correlating transmitter and receiver sets will only work on singlemode fiber. 
Especially since CATV in general is digital now, I don't even think you can get transmitter and receivers over MM that work in analog,
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like a quote on some of our current fiber optic transmitter and receiver sets. 

The rules are :

Out fiber-optic RF CATV Transmitter and Receiver need to be connected
with single-mode fiber terminated with SC/APC connectors - this is
very important
RF input power to the F-RF-1310-TX-4mW needs to be +15 -  +25dbmv
Optical input power range into Receiver  F-RF-RX-RM  is +3 - -5dBm

Receiver outputs +45dBmv RF power in this optical input +3 - -5dBm range

You should have the RF output with OP +1.6 dBm, so something is wrong.
Are you using single-mode fiber end to end?
Are you interfacing our equipment with SC/APC fiber connectors?

Yes, this is a good setup,
Please just note could facts:
RF Input power should be +15 to +25dbmv
The optical inputs into receives should be 0 to -5dBm
It would be very handy to have a CATV RF meter and optical meter, it will save you a lot of setup time because the RF power and Optical power need to be met in order to work properly and it is very had to determine that without instruments
If you do not have it,  we have a very simple RF meter f and an Optical meter
Also in your picture you noted SM-APC for the connectors, I think you mean SC/APC. 
The Optical output from this unit is +2dbm
The 1x4 splitter F-PLC-1x4 has 7.4db insertion loss
The receivers receiving sensitivity is  +3 to -6dbm
You should be fine, it is on the border but it will work
Thank you for contacting us. 
If you are trying to pass along RF CATV, regardless that it is analog, you can not do it on multimode fiber. Multimode is good for short distances with certain signals, like IP or Video. 
However with RF you can only use it with single mode fiber. That could be why you're having a tough time finding a solution, it's not possible. 
If you look in our CATV over Fiber products,You will see every single piece of equipment is listed as only being able to work with single mode fiber whether it's HD QAM / ATSC or just SD NTSC Analog. 
Generally speaking the only solution here is to pull new fiber. 

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