16 Analog Telephone Lines over Fiber transceiver

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F-16TEL RJ11 to Fiber Optic Telephone Media Converter

The F-16TEL is used for carrying 16 phone lines over fiber optic cable. Extend Telephone over Fiber applications offer a secure connection that is impossible to bug. The PSTN two-wire POTS telephone port can be configured either as an FXO (PBX trunk) or FXS (telephone set/fax machine/dial-up modem) device just by a simple DIP switch setting.  Using a pair of these devices, 16 independent telephone lines can be extended over a fiber link. The F-16TEL provides full service for features like caller ID. The converter can be used in service mode, allowing the connection of 16 telephone sets. The F-16TEL is a simple and reliable solution for data carriers and service providers for Telephone over Fiber links.


 •  Extend telephone voice transmission up to 20 / 40 / 80km over fiber (model dependent)
 •  The base model works up to 20Km over singlemode fiber or up to 3000 feet over multimode fiber
 •  Supports telephone voice transmission
 •  Supports caller ID pass through
 •  Selectable FXO or FXS mode
 •  Supports FXS to FXS hot lin

Model Selection
  • F-16TEL-Tx/RX
16 CH Telephone FXO/FXS Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for up  to 20Km (single mode) or up to 3000 feet (multimode fiber)
  • F-16TEL-40Tx/RX
16 CH Telephone FXO/FXS Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for up  to 40Km (single mode) or up to 3000 feet (multimode fiber)
  • F-16TEL-80-Tx/RX
16 CH Telephone FXO/FXS Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for up  to 80Km (single mode) or up to 3000 feet (multimode fiber)
  • F-16TEL-120-Tx/RX
16 CH Telephone FXO/FXS Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for up  to 120Km (single mode) or up to 3000 feet (multimode fiber)



*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
Optical Interface:  
  • Connector
  • Cable Length
SM 20/40/80120km MM up to 3000feet
  • Wavelength
MM 1310nm, SM 1310, 1550nm, WDM 1310Tx/1550Rx, 1550Tx/1310Rx
Electrical Interface  
  • Connector
  • FXO Mode
600 ohms, Coding   : 16 bits liner, Loop Current : 10~100mA
Ring Frequency : Acceptable 20 ~50Hz, Insertion Loss: 0.0 ± 1.0dB at 1000H
  • FSX Mode
Impedance : 600 ohms, Coding : 16 bits liner,
Dial: DTMF and Dial Paul, Battery Source:  48VDC ± 4
  • Ringing Waveform
Sine Wave
  • Ringing Frequency
20/25/30/50 Hz selectable
  • Ring Cadence
FXS to FXS : On / 1 sec, Off / 2 sec
  • FXO to FXS
Reproduces the cadence detected by FXO Insertion Loss  0.0 ± 1.0dB at 1000Hz
REN: 4.0B(Ring Equivalence Number
  • LED Indicators
Power, FX Link, Phone Act, Test
  • Power Requirments
  • Power Consumption
5 W
  • Dimensions
480mm x 225mm x 44mm  
  • Temperature

0~50°C (Operating)
0~70°C (Storage)
  • Certifications
  • MTBF
125,000 h (25°C)
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