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8 Video 16 Audio +Data model description
8 Video 16 Audio + Data over single fiber transmitter/receiver kit. 8 Channels CVBS Composite baseband Videos - NTSC or PAL or SECAM + 16 channel Analog Audios and Return RS485 Serial Data Transmitter and Receiver kit over a single fiber 16 Audios are independent and it can be used as a 16 unbalance or 8 Balance ( +- ) Audios, 16 Mono or 8 Stereo Audios

Analog Baseband Composite CVBS Video, Analog  Audio, and RS485 Serial Data. These units are easy to control via data RS485 and are plug and play optical converters for helping to send video & audio longer distances. Sending Video and audio using copper wires for a longer distance than 100 feet is very unpractical. Fiber optic cable, Single-mode or multimode, helps tremendously. There are many cameras or other video devices like VCR, DVD players, Set Top Boxes still using analog Audio/Video interface. Our unit has a video BNC 75 ohm interface, for every video, there is double the amount of audios which can be used as single-ended or differential-balanced. For example, 1 video has 2 audios, 2 videos have 4 audios, essentially you have a video port with left and right audio. In addition, the Transceivers have an RS485 serial Data interface, it allows you to send commands to multiple camera's or other video sources from the headend - receiving location. The kit contains 2 pcs, Transmitter and Receiver, each comes with 12VDC power supply. The transmitter needs to be located by the Video / Audio source like a camera, the receiver needs to be located by the monitor or recording device. Units can be used for timing applications to send CVBS black burst over fiber or sync pulses over fiber.

  • ST/PC  fiber connector 
  • BNC 75 ohm Video Connector 
  • Terminal block for balanced and unbalanced audio 
  • Terminal block for RS485 Data
  • Video supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • Point to Point transmission up to 120Km (standard units 20Km on singlemode)
  • Singlemode or multimode fiber supported
  • LED indicators for Power and Optical ink 
  • Stand-alone or rack mount blade available
  • Supports tri-level sync pulses
  • 24-Bit Digitized Audio
  • 10Mhz Video Bandwidth
  • Audio 600 Ω Unbalanced, -Bandwidth:20Hz ~ 20KHz
  • Audio Bit Resolution -24-bit Signal-to-Noise Ratio(SNR):> 80 dB
  • 10-bit digitally encoded broadcast quality Video
  • 12V DC Portable Power supply included 
  • Short and long haul signal transport up to 120Km  - model dependent
Model Selection


XX -Number of Videos

YY -Number of Audios

ZZ-Distance in KM  --- the default is 20Km on single mode fiber and 2000ft on multimode fiber (40, 60, 80, 120km upon request)

F-1V2A-1D-TxRx  - 1 CVBS Video + 2 Unbalanced Uni-Directional Audios + Reversed RS485 Data over 1 fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit

F-2V4A-1D-TxRx- 2 CVBS Video + 4 Unbalanced Uni-Directional Audios + Reversed RS485 Data over 1 fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit

F-4V8A-1D-TxRx - 4 CVBS Video + 8 Unbalanced Uni-Directional Audios + Reversed RS485 Data over 1 fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit

F-8V16A-1D-TxRx - 8 CVBS Video + 16 Unbalanced Uni-Directional Audios + Reversed RS485 Data over 1 fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit

F-16V32A-1D-TxRx - 16 CVBS Video + 32 Unbalanced Uni-Directional Audios + Reversed RS485 Data over 1 fiber Transmitter and Receiver Simple





Video Interface

Video Standard

Video IN/Out level

Number of Channels

Audio Interface

BNC - 75Ω (1-32 Channels -Model dependent)


1V p-p

Video - 1-32 Channels, Audio 2 - 64, Audio Channels is usually twice the amount of Video Channels

Terminal block

Audio input/output impedance

600 ohm - unbalanced
Audio Level voltage up to 2V-pp

Audio Level

0 dBm

Audio bandwidth

Video  bandwidth

Bit Resolution

Data Formats

Data Rate

10hz to 24.5khz

10MHZ supports tri-level sync pulses

10-Bit Digital Transmission

RS485(2-wire or 4-wire)

Up to 115.2Kbps

Sample Rates


Digital bandwidth

24 bit
SNR  better than 79db
THD@1khz 1%
Optical connector ST/PC ( other connectors available by request -extra $)
Optical fiber distance

 The base unit supports 2000feet 50/125u,  62.5/125u multimode fiber and up to 20KM on - 9/125u single mode fiber (Other distances are available by request - extra$ )

Optical Wavelength 1310nm ( other -1550nm or CWDM are available per request- extra$)
Power 12V DC ( power supply included)
Power Consumption 3W
Power Adaptor AC-90-240AVC / 5060HZ
Dimensions : 7" x 6.5" x 1"

Operating Temperature

-20°C ~ +75°C


MTBF over 100,000 hours


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