Cellular RF Signals Over Fiber


F-CELLULAR Fiber Optic Tranciever for cellular frequencies : GSM, PCS, and CDMA Base Station Links


The F-CELLULAR systems are linear fiber optic transceivers for cellular over fiber applications specifically designed for high performance optical links between cellular base stations (BTSs), links between BTSs and microcells, or general radio over fiber (RF over Fiber) applications. We offer equipment for CDMA over fiber, GSM over fiber, WiMAX over fiber as well as more modern standards such as 3GPP over fiber. This is useful for extending the range of a wireless celluar network. When connected to a wireless antenna an F-CELLULAR unit amplifes the incoming RF signal, converts it to an optical signal, transports it over a fiber optic cable to a second F-CELLULAR unit, and then reconverts the signal back to an RF carrier for rebroadcast over a second antenna. This system can be used to extend coverage of a wireless cellular network to an area up to 120 km from the source. Our F-CELLULAR units are a low noise, radio frequency fiber optic transceiver for cellular over fiber applications. Our units are designed for applications such as CDMA over fiber, GSM over fiber, and other cellular over fiber applications. RS-232 control signals can also be carried over the same optical fiber. Our optics offer high linearity and superior performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. Operation over a single fiber is enabled through the incorporation of a WDM system at 1550 and 1310 nanometers.

Product Features

• AGC function to realize auto gain compensation for optical transmission.
• Transparent data transmission channel for data exchange.
• Wide-band features for multi-system work.
• Perfect optical and RF features.
• GSM optical repeater GSM optical repeater ,GSM over fiber
• CDMA optical repeater ,CDMA over fiber
• WCDMA optical repeater, WCDMA over fiber
• RF over fibre for cellular coverage.
• Cell phone and 2-way radio over fiber
• Radio over fiber
1. Simplicity for indoor coverage
2. Easy for 6-carrier design
3. Better noise performance to reduce affect to BTS
4. Convenient management
5. Easy to use






Product Specifications  
*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
Models Single Fiber Solution
Duel Fiber Solution
Optical Wavelenght 1310±20nm (uplink)  1550±20nm (downlink)
Optical Output Power 4dBm±2dBm
Optical input Power   -16~6dBm
Transmit No Optical Alarm -3dBm
Receive No Optical Alarm -16dBm
WDM Built-in
Tx Optical Power Rang-3~6dBm, Error±2dB
Rx Optical Power Rang-16~6dBm, Error±2dB
Frequency Bands 50Mhz~ 3000MHz
Frequency Ranges 50Mhz   - 3000Mhz 
50MHZ   - 800Mhz
50Mhz   - 1000Mhz
0800MHz - 1000MHz
1400MHz - 1600MHz
1700MHz - 1900MHz
1800MHz - 2000MHz
2200MHz - 2500MHz
2000Mhz - 3000Mhz
RF directivity @0800 ~ 1000 MHz = 50-60 dBc
@1400 ~ 1600 MHz = 45-50 dBc
@1700 ~ 1900 MHz = 40-45 dBc
@1800 ~ 2000 MHz = 40-45 dBc
@2200 ~ 2500 MHz = 35-40 dBc
Response flatness
(within 2000 MHz BW)
Output noise floor
@ 0800 ~ 1000 MHz = -140 dBm/Hz
@ 1400 ~ 1600 MHz = -137 dBm/Hz
@ 1700 ~ 1900 MHz = -135 dBm/Hz
@ 1800 ~ 2000 MHz = -135 dBm/Hz
@ 2200 ~ 2500 MHz = -133 dBm/Hz
Max. Gain 15±2dB
Link Gain 0 ±2dB(Uplink, Downlink)
Gain Adjustment Range (ATT) Range≥30dB,Step 1dB, Error±1.5dB
RF Input Power Detection Range-255dBmError±2dBMaster
Flatness 1dB
VSWR 1.4
IM3 -60dBc(0dBm/2CH)
Noise ≤-135dBm/Hz0dB for RF gain0dB for optical decrease
Isolation 60dB
Emission ≤-60dBm/100KHz (100MHz ~3GHz)
Delay      ≤60ns
Operating Temperature -20~65
Operating Current   200mA (+12V Power Supply)
Power Supply   DC+6V~+15V, Power dissipation lower than 3.5W
Communication Interface    dual-channel communications for RS232
Dimension     127*76.4*27.5mm, error±0.5mm
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