USB Fiber Optic Transmission System

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4 Port USB 2.0, 1.1 Fiber Optic Extender over 1 fiber (SFP's have LC connectors), the kit includes a transmitter and a receiver, which can extend USB devices to a remote location over 1 fiber cable, max distance 10Km  (SM; or MM fiber cable very short distances under 250m). An integrated four-port hub allows for the extension of up to four USB devices without the need for an additional hub, government office, medical system, commercial presentation, multimedia and public utilities etc.  

Easy to use plug and play devices, no setup required. Compact and comes standard with power supplies. 



1, Max extension distance, 1.1 and 2.0 model 10KM over SM, and 250m over MM

2, Single fiber, Bi-directional fiber transmission, pure hardware design, no drivers needed, compatible with all operating systems, supports plug and play

3, Auto-recognition of High-speed, 25Mbps, 480Mbps, Full-speed:500Kbp,12MbpsLow-speed 10Kbps 1.5Mbps USB devices.

4, Supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, cameras, printers, external HDD, scanners, audio devices, touch screens, game controllers, mouse, and keyboard, etc.

6. Works great with high speed camera's with USB output to relay back to your desktop or headend for live video feeds

7. USB 2.0 device contains 1.25Gbps SFP


Model Selection

USB 1.1 & 2.0 models:

F-4USB-TX/RX-SFP  4 USB 2.0 Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver Kit  (Bi-directional Simplex SFP (LC/PC fiber connector)

F-4USB-TX-SFP  USB 2.0  Fiber Optic Transmitter  (4 port Hub)- Simplex SFP (LC/PC fiber connector)

F-4USB-RX-SFP  USB 2.0  Fiber Optic Receiver -Simplex SFP (LC/PC fiber connector)

USB 3.2 & 3.0 models:

F-4USB-TX/RX-SFP-3.0  -4 USB 3.2/3.0 ONLY Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver Kit  (Bi-directional Simplex SFP (LC/PC fiber connector) - not compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.1









SM/MM  LC (SFP Included)





Size (L× W ×H)

104mm x104mm x28mm









5~12V DC

Sender power consumption


Receiver power consumption

<5W , Powered by USB cable, no external power adapter required


Working temperature


Storage temperature



0-95% (non-condensing)


1, connect to PC


4 , connect to USB devices, max 500mA



USB 1.1 /2.2 up to 1.25Gbps Model : F-4USB-TX/RX-SFP 

Question and Answers

This model is bidirectional; however on one end you have 4 USB inputs
(transmitter) and on the other end you have 1 USB output (receiver).
This is essentially a USB extension, but instead of using copper, it
is transmitted over fiber for longer distances. For example, you can
connect a USB drive on the RX (receiver) side, and the PC can access
and transfer data from the USB drive through the RX to the TX
(transmitter) side

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