10/100/1000 Mbps Fast and Gigabit Ethernet Over 1 Fiber Media Converter

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Singlemode or Multimode - SC/UPC Simplex Optical Connector

Bi-Directional transmit and receive over one fiber, this product can cut your cable cost in half! 

10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-FX Single Fiber WDM Media Converters

Thor Fiber's new Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Converters now allow you to use a single fiber for full duplex Ethernet over Glass conversions. Advanced Fiber transmission technology allows Thor to encompass all Data to be transmitted and received simultaneously in full duplex over a single fiber, multimode or singlemode. This means less cabling, more spare fibers, less cost on new projects and simple wiring means that you can launch full gigabit bi-directional data over a fiber using a simplex SC/PC connector. Each model is labeled as A or B; you need both to make a set. You can not connect two A models or 2 B models together; by creating the A and B model system we're now able to use 2 wavelengths, 1310nm to send and 1550nm to receive information in a full duplex environment utilizing one fiber. 

  • All Converters comply with IEEE 802.3 & 802.3u Fast Ethernet Standards
  • LED Indication: Power, FDX, TP 100, TP Link/Act, Fiber 100, Fiber Link/AC
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Auto Negotiation
  • Auto cross over for TP port
  • Support Link Alarm
  • Supports Switch mode & Pure converter mode
  • Dual Port 10/100Mbps Switch inside
  • Metal Case
  • External Power Adapter
  • 1000Mb/s in Full Duplex
Model Selection

F-GET-TRS-A   1310-20/40/80/120 (km):
Enhanced 10/100/100Base-T to 1000Base-FX Single Fiber
Single fiber Media Converter, Transmitter (WDM TX1310nm/ RX1550nm)

F-GET-TRS-B   1550-20/40/80/120 (km):
Enhanced 10/100/1000Base-T to 1000Base-FX Single
Fiber Media Converter, Receiver (WDM TX1550nm/RX1310nm)


14 Slot Chassis available PN:  F-Chassis -14


  • Connector
  • IEEE
IEEE 802.3 10BaseT, 802.3u 100BaseTX/FX
  • Mac Address Table
1 K
  • Rate 10M
  • Rate 1000M
  • Transfer Rate
2000 Mbps - Full Duplex
  • Wave length
1310 nm for A side and 1550nm for B Side
  • Fiber
1000BaseFX: 1 x SC Simplex Connector
  • Typical Distance
3000 feet for multimode version 20km for singlemode; (optional 40 or 80km add$)
  • Min Tx Power
-8 dBm for 20km version
  • Max Tx Power
-0 dBm for 80/120Km version
  • Power
DC 5V, 1.6A
  • Ethernet
10/100BaseT: 1 x RJ45 Connector
  • Sensitivity
-30.0 dBm for 80/120Km , -25dBm for 40Km version, -18 dBm for 20Km version
  • Power Consumption
5 W
  • Operating Temperature
0° ~ 50° C
  • Humidity
5% ~ 90% non-condensing
  • Dimensions
70 x 95 x 26 mm(2.75 x 3.74 x 1.02 inches)
  • Weight
0.6 Kg
  • Approvals
FCC Class A, CE
  • Link Budget
10.0 dB /20Km 15db/40Km, 27db/80Km 35db/120Km
  • Method
Store and Forward
  • Storage Temperature
-20° ~ 60° C
Question and Answers
Those units come as 1310nm / 1550nm -Transceivers A and B, the price is $200.99 each, These particular units don't come as a set. You can purchase it through the website or by calling us directly at 800-521-8467 ext 1. This is the link, you need to put quantity 2 for the TX/RX kit (our staff will put one of each in the shipping box for you) We have also a less expensive 2 fiber solution available: F-GET-TR-SM https://thorbroadcast.com/product/10-100-1000-mbps-gigabit-single-mode-fiber-ethernet-media-converter-sc.html
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10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Over 1 Fiber Media Converter SC / UPC

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