16 RF Tuners to IPTV TS & RF Transmodulator Output

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CATV RF to IP Gateway + CATV RF Trans - modulator for QAM ATSC DVBS/S2 DVB-T ISDB-T

16 RF Inputs to IP outputs +16 RF Outputs  (RF to IP Gateway + RF to RF transmodulator)
This unit can take existing ATSC channels and convert them to IP streams and QAM RF channels simultaneously (RF input = IP + RF output)
EXAMPLE Model numbers can be (H-16QAM-IP-ATSC ---- H-16DVBS-IP-ATSC)
RF Inputs can be ATSC / QAM / DVBS-S2/ DVB-T/ ISDB-T
RF Outputs can be ATSC / QAM /DVB-T / ISDB-T

This gateway and transmodulator is a unique device that can easily convert existing RF streams, up to 16 frequencies and convert to IP and RF channels. This will allow you to add any RF to existing RF channel bank as well as create IP streams for easy access via LAN. For consideration you can convert ATSC to IP and QAM, or you can convert DVBS2 to IP and QAM, or also use it as a translator so you can take 16 QAM frequencies and convert to IP and 16 QAM (different frequencies, if you like to rearrange your channel lineup). The vast array of options make this an ideal headend piece to quickly and efficiently become more dynamic, add free OTA channels to a QAM headend, or simply create a RF to IP gateway with existing RF programs. This is the exact same unit that is mentioned above with the added benefit of transmodulation, we can essentially mix and match any RF to any RF with a couple exceptions. Please contact your local dealer or Thor directly for more information.

Simply put, it is a 16 RF to 16 RF + IPTV gateway. This is a multi-standard CATV, Air, and Satellite Digital modulation standard transmodulator-converter with IPTV output.

The unit has 16 individual tuner inputs, and depending on the model, it can support the following modulation standards:

  1. ATSC
  2. DVB-C Annex A/B/C QAM 64/256
  3. DVB-S/S2
  4. DVB-T, DVB-T2
  5. ISDB-T

Depending on the model, the output can be ATSC, QAM, DVB-T, or ISDB-T.

The unit can also be used for the same modulation conversions, like QAM to QAM or ATSC to ATSC, for UP or Down channel conversion.

In addition, the device has an IPTV output, so each TS from the inputs can be outputted as a UDP/RTP multicast or unicast for local LAN video distribution over the network.

The device also has 2 independent DVB-ASI inputs, allowing additional TS programs from external encoders to be injected into the modulator as separate channels or subchannels."

This version corrects grammatical errors and improves the flow and clarity of the original text. Let me know if there are any other areas you need assistance with


  • INPUTS: 16 ATSC or QAM or  DVB-S/S2 FTA or DVB-T or ISDB-T  RF Tuners + 2 ASI inputs
  • OUTPUTS : 16 channels QAM or ATSC or DVB-T or ISDB-T ( model dependendt)
  • Excellent RF output performance index, MER≥40db
  • 16 groups multiplexing +16 groups scrambling +16 groups QAM modulating
  • 1 IP(MPTS) output over UDP or RTP
  •  512 IP SMPTS' output over UDP or RTP
  • Accurate PCR adjusting
  • PSI/SI editing and inserting
  • VCT edit
  • Web management, Updates via web
  • 16RF to IP+ 16RF ( any combination )
Model Selection
Models :

Satt or Cable or Air RF to IP and RF Translator ( transmodulator)

H-16ATSC-IP-16ATSC : 16 ATSC to 16 ATSC and IP out
H-16ATSC-IP-16QAM :  16 ATSC to 16 QAM and IP  out
H-16QAM-IP-16ATSC : 16 QAM to 16 ATSC and IP out
H-16QAM-IP-16QAM  :  16 QAM to 16 QAM and IP out
H-16DVBS-IP-16ATSC 16 DVBS/S2 to 16 ATSC and IP out
H-16DVBS-IP-16QAM  : 16 DVBS/S2 to 16 QAM and IP out
H-16DVBS-IP-16DVBT  : 16 DVB-T, DVB-T2  to 16DVB-T and IP  out
H-16DVBT-IP-16QAM  : 16 DVB-T, DVB-T2  to 16QAM and IP  out





16 INPUT  FTA Tuner selection:: DVB-S/S2 OT ATSC or DVB-C Annex A/B QAM  (Model dependent)

512 IP (GE1only)input over UDP and RTP protocol    

2 ASI input, BNC interface

Tuner Section


Input Frequency


Symbol rate


Signal Strength


FEC Demodulation

1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 QPSK


Input Frequency


Symbol rate

QPSK 1~45Mbauds

8PSK 2~30Mbauds

Code rate

1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10

Demodulation Mode



Maximum PID Remapping      

128per input channel


PID remapping (automatically or manually)

Accurate PCR adjusting

Generate PSI/SI table automatically

Modulation Output

Modulation Output format

ATSC or DVB-C Annex A / B QAM ( model dependendt, please chek model selection)


EN300 429/ITU-T J.83A/B or 8VSB ( ATSC model )



RF frequency

50~960MHz, 1KHz step

RF output level

-20~+10dbm(87~107 dbµV),0.1db step

Symbol Rate

5.0Msps~7.0Msps, 1ksps stepping








64/256 QAM





Remote management

Web NMS (10M/100M)

RF Out

16 DVB-C output or ATSC ( model dependendt, please chek model selection)

IP Out

1 IP (MPTS) output over UDP and RTP/RTSP (GE1 only)

Mirrors one carrier



Software Upgrading





482mm×300mm×44.5mm (1RU 19x8x3)




0~45°C(Operation) ; -20~80°C(Storage)


AC 100V±1050/60Hz;

AC 220V±10%, 50/60HZ



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