ATSC or QAM to IP gateway, ATSC QAM IPTV broadcast system

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8 ATSC or QAM channels over IP

Broadcast FULL HD IPTV content from 8 TV frequencies

AIR / Cable / SAT to LAN & WIFI IP Devices

In todays digital era, each 6Mhz channel off air ATSC (8VSB) or CABLE TV QAM channels can contain many TV programs.

For examle 57Mhz is Ch #2 , it can have programs 2.1, 2.3, and so on.

This unit can convert all the TV programs inside the 8 frequencies and convert it directly to IPTV multicast or unicast, as well as, MUX'd ASI ouput.

  • Converts 8 Antenna RF (off air) or cable Frequencies (channels) / ALL Received TV Services from each > TO > IPTV Streaming SPTS
  • Output up to 45x spts RTP/UDP multicast streams you can receive on any computer, tablet, mobile, IP decoder

DVB-S2/T2 Tuner Input Multiplexer is the latest demodulation and multiplexing device for digital TV broadcasting head-end system with TS output through ASI and IP port. It can multiplex up to 8 channels tuned and 1 ASI input to one MPTS. This multiplexer has the functionality of supporting auto-generation of PSI/SI information, PID re-mapping, service filtering and PCR adjusting. Also the multiplexer can insert EPG (electronic program guide), CA (conditional access), data broadcasting into output TS. This units incredible integration and cost effective design make this device readily available is now widely used in the Next Generation of CATV Broadcasting system

  • 8 Tuner(DVB-S2/DVB-T2)
  • 8 Tuner(ATSC)
  • 8 Tuner(QAM)
  • QAM-256/64 & ATSC  (8VSB) formats suported
  • IP TS output
  • Support MPTS over UDP, RTP/RTSP output as mirror of ASI output (RJ45)
  • Integrated demodulating and multiplexing functions
  • Select which channels to stream out
  • Supporting to multiplex one program to all outputs
  • Closed Captions supported
  • Fully IP control and Network Management through browser
  • Front Panel LCD local control   
  • IPTV Output Unicast or Multicast IGMP UDP
  • Low Latency available 10-20ms
  • AC3, MPEG2 Audio
  • MPEG2 Video or MPEG4 H.264
  • Perfect Full HD Video Quality -No Loss
  • 5 Years Warranty
Antenna over IP, Send Multiple Air channels over network ATSC 8VSB RF to IPTV Multicast Streams
This Thor Broadcast H-8ATSC-IP unit has 8 independent ATSC tuners, each tuner can be set up to a different frequency. The unit will scan each one of them and show all the TV programs, all sub-channels, for example, channel 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4. Each one of subchannels will be converted to its own IPTV stream - multicast or unicast UDP/RTP or RTSP. Thor broadcast has allectio16 channels and with DVB-T, ISDB-T, QAM or satellite DVBS/S2 RF inputs : Petit HDMI QAM ATSC DVB-T, ISDB-T Modulator :
Model Selection


Model Description Input


8 x  ATSC Antenna Tuners to IPTV

8 x  ATSC Antenna


8 x  CABLE QAM Tuners to IPTV 8 x  CABLE QAM


8 x  Satellite S2 Tuners to IPTV 8 x  Satellite S2


8 x  DVB-T Tuners to IPTV 8 x  Satellite S2


8 x  ISDB-T Tuners to IPTV 8 x  Satellite S2


*All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice
  • Input



PN: H-S2-IP  



8 x  ATSC Antenna


8 x  Satellite S2

8 x  DVB-T Antenna

8 x  ISDB-T Antenna


  • Supported Resolutions       
 All HD and SD
  • Video Codecs
MPEG-2 HD 1.5-19.5 Mbps
H.264 HD 0.8-19.5 Mbps
  • Audio Codecs
MPEG-1 Layer II
MPEG-4 AAC AC3 Dolby
  • Audio Sample Rate
48 kHz
  • Audio Bit Rates
64 kbps, 96 kbps, 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps, 320 kbps
  • Modulation Standard
ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-S2 (model dependent)
  • RF Frequency Range
30-960 MHz for QAM and ATSC, 850-2100Mhz for L-band
  • Input RF Power Level
5-35 dBmV
  • IPTV Output
 MPTS over UDP, RTP/RTPS out as mirror of ASI output (RJ45)
  • Power Input
100-240 VAC Auto-Switching
~ 20 W
  • Dimensions
19 x 17 x 2 Inches
  • Weight
9 Pounds
  • Operating Temperature
32-110 F
Question and Answers

This is the perfect solution for you : 8 x ATSC or Satellite Antenna Tuners to IPTV & ASI Output H-8QAM-IP H-8ATSC-IP Or this one 4 X Satellite or ATSC IRD Decoder to IP, ASI H-IRD-V4-ATSC H-IRD-V4-QAM this is a link : 

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