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The Thor Fiber XLR audio over fiber units are able to send balanced audio over fiber much further than traditional copper. Our Audio Interface with XLR kit has both a transmitter and receiver unit. Available options are for 2, 4, 8 or 16, 32 XLR inputs/outputs can be used on a single transmitter unit and sent over fiber to the receiver unit that also has an equal number of XLR outputs. The fiber allows the signal to be sent over a long distance without losing any quality in the signal. The kit is 16-bit digitally encoded broadcast quality balanced audio over one multi-mode or single-mode optical fiber. Thor XLR Audio Splitters are typically used in applications for Rental, Staging, Concerts, Theater, Churches, Stadiums, Theme Parks, Broadcast/Studio, Intercom,  CCTV audio and Professional AV applications. They are available for stand-alone or rack-mount installations. Our standard fiber connectors are ST/PC, but it could also be ordered as SC/PC or FC/PC. Basic units support up to 20Km of single mode / 3000 multimode fiber, other modes are available - 40km, 80km, 120km 

  • 3-Pin Balanced XLR Audio input/output
  • Uni-directional 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 Channel
  • Bi-directional over single fiber available on 2 and 4 Channel model
  • 12V DC Power input
  • Single mode fiber up to 20km, Multimode fiber up to 3000feet
  • Easy to Use, Plug and Play Untis


Model Selection

Uni-Directional Models:

F-2A-XLR-T/RX - 2 XLR Balanced Audio over Fiber Transmitter / Receiver kit up to 20KM  singlemode / 3000feet multimode 

F-4A-XLR-T/RX - 4 XLR Balanced Audio over fiber Transmitter / Receiver kit up to 20KM  singlemode / 3000feet multimode 

F-8A-XLR-T/RX - 8 XLR Balanced Audio over fiber Transmitter / Receiver kit up to 20KM  singlemode / 3000feet multimode 

F-16A-XLR-T/RX - 16 XLR Balanced Audio over fiber Transmitter / Receiver kit up to 20KM  singlemode / 3000feet multimode  (special order)

F-32A-XLR-T/RX - 32 XLR Balanced Audio over fiber Transmitter / Receiver kit up to 20KM  singlemode / 3000feet multimode   (special order)

Bi-Directional Models:

F-2A-B-XLR-T/RX - 2 Bi-directonal XLR Balanced Audio over 1 fiber Transmitter / Receiver (transceivers) kit up to 20KM  singlemode / 3000feet multimode 

F-4A-B-XLR-T/RX - 4 Bidirectional  XLR Balanced Audio over 1 fiber Transmitter / Receiver (transceivers) kit up to 20KM  singlemode / 3000feet multimode 

40km, 80km 120km models available (special order)

Wavelength    1310nm or 1310/1550 for bi-directional models
Output Power -8dBm   (+-2db)
Optic fiber 50/125u multimode, 62.5/125u multimode, 9/125u single mode
Rx sensitivity -25dBm
Optical connector ST/PC  (optional FC/PC, SC-PC)
Distance 20Km for singlemode and 0~2KM (MM), 40, 80 120Km - model specific
Balanced Audio
Number of Channels 2 Input +2 Output
Input Connector XLR (female)
Output Connector XLR (male)
Input / Output Impedance 10K Ohm
Input capacitance LINE inputs  10 pF
Max input/output voltage 1.0Vp-p
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 20kHz @±3dB
Sample Rates From 48kHz
SNR > 80dB
Electrical & Mechanical

Input Power Requirements:

DC [email protected]

Power Adapter:

AC 90V~240V

Power Consumption:

< 5W

Stand-Alone Dimensions:

168mm × 154mm × 45mm

Shipping Weight:

(Transmitter & Receiver ) 2.5kg

Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +75°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Relative Humidity: 0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
MTBF: >100,000 hours


Question and Answers
My church is looking into replacing the poor quality XLR cables that go from the stage to the back of the church. Unfortunately, we have about 30 cables and replacing them with something that's high quality will take up too much space and won't fit in the conduit. The F-32A-XLR-T/RX looks like an interesting option to me, but I need to know a little more about it. Would it concert analog mic output into a 16-bit digital signal? Also, are both the transmitter and receiver units included? Finally, what would the cost be? What amount of delay is introduced in the audio when using the XLR over fiber for the 8, 16, and 32 channel kits? There must be some small delay due to the conversion from analog to digital. Additionally, is there an extra cost to customize the unit to use an SC/PC connector instead of ST/PC? If so, what would that adjusted price be? Also, we have ST/UPC fiber available. Would using UPC with this equipment pose any problems or would UPC and PC

hank you for your inquiry. The XLR audio fiber optic transmitter receiver kit converts LINE level Audio ( not MIC level audio to 24bit data stream) so the audio needs to be pre-amplified in order to send it over the fiber. 32 XLR is a good choice or 2 pcs 16 XLR or 4 x 8ch for redundancy. We have also very high end 120db HIFI 8 CH XLR Audio over fiber this is the link: https://thorbroadcast.com/product/8-professional-high-quality-3-pin-xlr-audio-over-fiber-extender.html The 32 and 16ch units we make per order, the 8ch units we usually have available in stock. Units work over single-mode fiber up to 20Km, or multimode up to 2000 feet, so if you do not have fiber in place, I would suggest using a single mode. The unit is equipped with ST/PC fiber connector. The ST/ PC and ST/UPS are technically the same connectors type, You can use ST/UPC fiber jumpers with our devices. Because of the low interest, we do not offer them with SC/PC connectors anymore, the easiest way is just using conversion fiber jumpers ST to SC
I came across your website as I was researching the capabilities of Fiber Optic and if it would be something I need to consider in my audio world. Typically, I work on projects in which I need to set up multiple audio control rooms, and usually, I have been able to get by with ethernet cabling never greater than 300ft. In a rare case that I need to make a run longer than 300ft, perhaps Fiber is something I need to look at. Maximum 24 > channels of audio need to be sent down a line. My system uses Dante, as > well as an analog D/A for line-level outs. Does Thor have a solution that is recommended? I’ve never used Fiber Optics

We have both kinds of audio over fiber, either unbalanced and XLR. This is our 16 audio over fiber [image: image.png] We also have a 32 channel option, It seems like the pictures were never loaded onto our site though. We have XLR too https://thorbroadcast.com/product/xlr-audio-over-fiber-1.html/86 All these sets work on both multimode fiber and single-mode fiber. Sending Audio over fiber is a very straight forward process, the fiber works like coper but without any losses, on our standard, you can send the Audio for up to 20Km over single-mode fiber or 300 feet over multimode fiber without quality or amplitude lose. you can send balance or unbalance audio across each Audio channel is digitized and send it as a digital stream to the receiver, the receiver takes this stream and converts it back to analog Audio.
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