6 Off Air RF Channels to ASI and GigE

H-6RF-ASI RF Channel to ASI Tuner / Multiplexer


The H-6RF-ASI unit is a system that combines 6 RF Tuner cards with a transport stream multiplexer.  This allows up to 2 ASI signals, and up to 6 Off Air RF signals to be combined into a single Transport Stream output.  This is useful for rebroadcasting off air TV to another location.  In addition to the ASI output, the unit also features Gigabit Ethernet output.  This allows The unit to function as an IP gateway.  The Tuner cards can be either for 8VSB signals for off air broadcast, or QAM signals for Cable TV. 


Product features


 •  Up to 6 Integrated Tuner Cards

 •  Tuner cards can be 8VSB for ATSC, or QAM for CATV

 •  Two ASI inputs for aditional Multiplexing capacity

 •  DVB-ASI MPTS Output as well as Gigabit Ethernet IP

 •  Internal web server for remote managment


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