HDMI RF Modulator Chassis System 1-12 Units

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12 Ch HDMI model description
Twelve individual Petits with brackets. This mounting rack-mountable chassis system is expandable from 1-12 channels. Each Petit having its own loop out, RF IN/OUT combiner, Network Management System (NMS) port and programmable front LCD panel. Although you can edit through the front panel, you can also use the Graphical User Interface via a web browser and the NMS port to set more precise settings. You can also use the multiple Petits to broadcast in both ATSC and Cable QAM modulation for your various media needs. This setup is perfect for bars, restaurants or anyone whom would like to setup twelve different HDMI media feeds to their location; allowing for much more diversity in content displayed throughout your venue.

HDMI Modulator system accommodates 1-12 modulators for Coax RF distribution - Chassis-style design.

The most unique and cost-effective Networked Digital HDMI RF modulator. Designed to allow any HDMI source like an STB, satellite receiver, HDMI camera, DVD player, Computer, and a ROKU device.You can convert to any RF TV channel of your choice. 

With the Modulator Rack, you get all the great features you love about the Petit bundled together in groups from 2-12 Petits. This is perfect for CATV modulation applications in bars, restaurants and any other place that needs up to 12 different HDMI signals modulated throughout their facility. 

When you order a Thor Chassis System with any amount of modulators, you will get the horizontal rack bars, and enough rack ears for the amount of units purchased in your set. You just need to attached the horizontal bars to your 1RU Rack, followed by adding the rack ears to each Petit, and then using screws to fasten the Petit's into the horizontal bars. As with all of Thor Broadcast units, we will gladly handle presetting the units if you so wish, so once you add the units into the rack, plug in the power supplies, HDMI, and RF cables, you'll be ready to launch your RF system in no time. 

This Thor Modulator is an all-in-one device integrating  HD MPEG2 encoding with AC3 Dolby Audio with an internal digital modulator. Converts HD audio/video signals from any device into DVB-C/ DVB-T/ ATSC/ ISDB-T RF output.
The unit supports any HD source with the following video resolutions: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Simply connect to any PC and control the unit via Thor Broadcast's proprietary GUI which has been touted as being the best on the market.

This unit is plug and play and has exceptional quality for a very low price to help anyone with any budget create their very own RF channel which can be viewed on thousands of televisions simultaneously. 

  • HDMI Input - HDCP compliant ( works with any HDMI device )
  • 10/100 Ethernet NMS port for control, setup, and monitoring
  • RF output could be set to any CATV format as QAM, ATSC, DVB-T, or ISDB-T 
  • RF output power is +24dbmv; enough for distributing HDTV video to 100's TV over the existing coax cable network
  • RF power could be controlled over the network via NMS GUI (Proprietary)
  • MPEG2 video encoding
  • AC3 Audio encoding
  • Video bit rate 19.3Mbps
  • Supports any CATV RF agile channels form 57-1000Mhz, channels  2 -145,
  •  Supports output resolutions up to 1080p
  •  Easy to set up via NMS.
  •  Small size and lightweight
  • Includes wall-mount type rack ears
  •  Install multiple units onto your TV system

Additional Accessories (not included) :

16 port 12V 1.5A DC  Power Supply  Rackmount:  H-PS-12X16



Thor HDMI to Coax FULL HD 1080p60 Digital modulator QAM, ATSC, DVB T, ISDB T with HDMI LOOP WEBNMS
$291.89 - ALL new THOR BROADCAST Full HD 480i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p HDMI, HDCP compliant, digital, Agile COAX modulator for QAM ,over-the-air ATSC 8VSB, ISDB-T, and DVB-T. MPEG2 encoding with AC3 Audio encoding, Data rate up to 22Mbps, Perfect for educational, sports bar, private houses HD over Coax distribution currently on Sale, the best price on the market 291.89 https://thorbroadcast.com/product/petit-hdmi-rf-modulator.html
Broadcast your video to the unlimited TV's build your own private headed HDMI Modulator
This video shows how to build a broadcast CATV RF headend using Thor Broadcast HDMI modulators. Easy to install digital modulators, similar to when archaic analog modulators were still commonly used. Now you can use any video source like security cameras, computers , DVD players, Roku player, Google Chromecast, Cable TV STB, Satellite STB and other HDMI output devices and send the video out as a modulated channel of your choice. The modulator can generate CATV RF CABLE TV QAM or Off the Air ATSC; or used in foreign countries that use DVB-T or ISDB-T. It's a very convenient system because the front panel show modulated channel and all connections are on the back, like HDMI inputs and RF F-type connector outputs. The RF Outputs can be cascaded or, even better, connected to a 1x12 CATV RF combiner, combined coax will have all 12 or more channels on it; and depending how many TV's the signal is being distributed to, might need to use an inline CATV RF amplifier then distributed using RF splitters and taps. Please note that if the coax distance is very long, Thor manufactures easy to use RF over fiber solutions as well. Please note that if the COAX distance is long Thor offers easy to use RF over fiber solutions as well. Link to 12ch setup : https://thorbroadcast.com/product/petit-hdmi-rf-modulator-chassis-system-for-1-12-units.html/254 Link to 1 pettit modulat : https://thorbroadcast.com/product/petit-hdmi-rf-modulator-1.html Other HDMI modulators and IPTV encoder : https://thorbroadcast.com/products/hdmi sdi over coax : https://thorbroadcast.com/products/sdi-converters-sdi-modulators RF over fiber soution: https://thorbroadcast.com/products/cable-tv-catv-rf-45-900mhz
HDMI Digital HD Modulator - CATV over coax distribution - high video quality and low latency
This video demonstration includes our THOR RF PETIT modulator ($384) which is being used to send an HDMI signal, a ROKU stick which is streaming just a countdown timer on YOUTUBE App. You can see from the first TV that the timer is moving in realtime using the HDMI loop-out feature of the HDMI modulator. So the TV's to the right have been sent the CATV QAM signal through an RF CATV 1x8 splitter, then into the back of each tv. As seen, there is a very little delay which makes it excellent for any realtime LIVE event like sports, theatre, house of worship. Using the ROKU stick, the modulated signal is going to the TV's in HD 1080 signal which makes it ideal to stream movies, sports, or anything else you can find online to stream. link to the specifications https://thorbroadcast.com/product/petit-hdmi-rf-modulator-1.html
Model Selection

NMS Video instruction describes how to connect and control the H-HDMI-RF-PETIT via your PC over IP Ethernet Network

This is a link to detailed PDF instructions: H-HDMI-RF-PETIT NMS Connection Instructions

Additional optional accessories:

H-PS-12X16 -  Rackmount 19" Power Supply 16 port 12V 1.5A DC

Application Drawing:

CATV RF Splitters and Combiners : 1x2,1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x12,1x24


                     Encoding Section-Video









Max. 1080@30p



Bit rate

2.000-24.000 Kbps

                     Encoding Section-Audio


MPEG-1 Layer2, MPEG-2 AAC, AC3

Sample rate


Bit rate

MPEG1 Layer 2 (128Kbps)


AC3 (128kbps)








                      Menu Configuration


RF range/Key ID/ Service Name/ RF attenuation


Service provider/Network ID/ ONID/ TS ID/ Service



                       Modulator Section


Typ. 35dB

RF range

50-950MHz, 1KHz step

RF output level

100 dB ( 70-100 adj )







Code rate

1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

Guard interval

1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32


2K, 8K




6M, 7M, 8M



Code rate

1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

Guard interval

1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32


2K, 8K




64QAM, 128QAM. 256QAM

Symbol rate

5.000-9.000Msps adj


















64QAM, 256QAM


Power supply






Question and Answers
The answer is Yes, any of our Qam modulators can be used for Channel insertion, you just need to find out what channel the Cable company has dedicated for the insertion.
If you still have an old encoder with web access, we could retrieve this information if you send us a screenshot.
We need to know the physical channel number and VCT virtual channel number.
If your cable company is using channel # 5, please select Frequency - 79Mhz  ( this is the corresponding frequency for DVB-C QAM channel #5).
Change the VCT Major number from 5 to 98
Once you press apply, the unit will generate physical channel number # 5 (79Mhz) with virtual channel number Majo 98 and Minor 1
If you plug in the coax output directly to the TV and scan your channel, the TV will display channel 98.1

You can reset the device from the front LCD panel. Press the middle button on the Petit that looks like a box with 3 lines in it. The first time you press it, it will show ATSC or J83b. Press it again and it will show DHON or DHOFF. On the third time, you press the button it will say ASR. When you get to the ASR button press the down arrow to execute the factory reset. The process should only take 30-60 seconds and you'll be back up and running. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Do you have any more information of what the application necessitates besides HDMI? Do you they require certain resolution or audio capability? Is the latency or size of a unit an issue? We have a plethora of units that can fit the information you provided. The Petit would seem fine, or the AC3-CMOD, we also have multi-channel units like the Thunder-4... All can take HDMI and output to RF

This is the link:


2) The modulator should be able to feed all of the TV's. I would think you'd want to put it near the other Comcast gear. But it does it's 2 blocks away? Is there another headend room or electronics closet closer to the facility you can put the equipment in? In either case you can use the RF Petit, or you can use something like the Thunder-4 for multiple HDMI inputs. All you need is a coax combiner, to get the feed from Comcast and our units together. You also should find out which channels are being unused by Comcast so you can put the QAM channels on open frequencies.

3) Yes you can put it on channel 2; any RF combiner from 5-970mhz will work. I assume you will need QAM 256

We have a perfect device for ATSC private channel injection for that camera. 
If you keep the Analog  RCA Camera then we'd have to get you an RCA to HDMI converter, then you can use something small and compact like the PETIT modulator, this unit only takes in HDMI.
So you can upgrade your camera to and HD HDMI output camera, and just, plug indirectly, otherwise, we need to get you a converter with the above product. 
Single Channel Petit
Multi Channel Units
There are units:
1) If you log into the NMS GUI through any web browser, there is a menu in the modulation settings to change that. 
Once you get to the menu the password is THOR in all capitals, it will allow you to switch to DVBT
one thing I want to point out DVB-T is a European standard, are you trying to get it working in the USA Canada or Mexico? If so it should be DVB-C Annex B or ATSC so it works with North American television sets. 
American TV sets won't have DVBT tuners built-in.
Yes, this is correct, the DVB-C Annex B is actually Annex J.83b, please change it to J.83B, from the modulation menu or reset unit the default configuration, The default is J.83B channel 2 (57mhz)

Hello, that's great news. Happy to hear the install went well.

2) Yes, we totally get that. They just so happen to be countless helpful documents on the product page, which can be downloaded, and also a bunch of instructional videos on how to do that. The box is pretty small and we just put in the install manual; all other docs and helpful tips tricks and extended installation docs we leave up on the website. Perhaps we should add a note in the units box that those are available via the web


Scroll all the way to the bottom, all the PDF's are there.

The RF Petit modulator has about +35dbmv RF output power, but next generation will have +40dbmv RF output power, same as the 4ch HDMI modulator
RF is a bit like water pressure, it is being lost traveling over the Coax, depending on channel frequency and coax cable type
this is the insertion loss by frequency a cable:
If you need to use an Antenna, and need a couple HDMI sources converted to ATSC channels to watch along with your Antenna, these would be a great fit. 
Simple to use, compact, Full 1080 Picture quality is excellent. Use a combiner to get all the sources in the same RG6 to inject into the rest of your system. 
Units are readily available and have tech support included, along with a 30 day moneyback guarantee. 
Let me know if you have any specific questions about operation or setup, but it looks like you're just replacing an older analog unit, so this should be a smooth transition.
How many HDMI sources do you have total?
i figured i could buy a splitter if needed. Also a computer with dvd player and cut out the vhs
So just one HDMI source?
this is what currently use = DVISn Nano Encoder – RF Out
The DVISn (Nano) encoder/multiplexer with RF output is the most cost-effective and smallest form factor solution within the DVIS line of products for inserting locally generated content into an MDU, hotel or commercial property in digital format. It is ideal for applications requiring a low-cost, basic solution for SD MPEG-2 encoding and QAM-based distribution or insertion of locally generated content into a coax network. Extremely compact and wall mountable, the DVISn device fits into virtually any space and includes fully integrated audio/video encoding, multiplexing and QAM modulation.
We can add this HDMI "Channel" to an assigned number not being used by your current CATV system, and any TV set to that channel wil be able to get the TV
so it should be easy to swap devices ?
Yes very much so
we can even preconfigure the device to your current settings so when you get it, you just have to plug it in
do use third party to come on site ?
or I should be able to handle ?
You should be able to hook up a few cables
we will set it up like your current unit, all we need to know is which channel you're currently sending video on
dont recall - but i find out when time comes
so its matter of ordering via thor website and you config and ship and i plug in - done?
just send us an email after you order with the information we need, and we'll do the rest
this is the least expensive transmitter we offer
We have two compact optical RX options
RF over Fiber equipment only works on singlemode fiber. hopefully thats what you have installed. If you have multimode, nothing in the world will work.
That's bad news, because I'm afraid the cable is multi-mode.
You can not put RF on multimode fiber. flat out doesn't work.
How can I tell what type of cable has been installed?
single mode cable is usually yellow
MM is usually orange
Ours is orange. OK, and thanks for the input. Time to think about a Plan B, which would involve replacing the RG-6 with a better grade coaxial cable. What would you recommend?
RG 6 is the standard most people go with.
You can go up to RG11
but realistically at 700ft you'll need Amps regardless
We're getting way too much signal attenuation over a run of that length.
Might be an easy solution if you just have the one run giving you issues. Then again if you think your cable is damaged, installed poorly, thus giving you too much attenuation then replace it with RG 11 and throw on a DA
technically speaking you shouldn't even be able to get a signal on the other side
So in this table RG 6 versus RG 11 is only .6db of loss difference per 100ft
I would get an amp, don't worry about the cable
It's just that single long run. The rest of the CATV distribution system uses amps.
if its RG59 then replace the coax, if its RG6 then leave it
our amp is +30 db so you'll replace about 500ft of cable with one unit
Does the amp go at the transmitting end or the receiving? Or in the middle?
depends on how much power you're reading at the transmission site, if its high, then go middle, if its low at the outset, then go transmission then middle
get an RF meter and check the power at multiple points and see where you are
you don't want to overdrive the signal to high and then go too low, you'll degrade the quality that way
Are you recommending a specific amplifier?
ours never have issues
The RG-6 is in the ceiling. To stall an amp at a half-way point would require an electrical outlet that's not there.
Yes this system sounds like it would be ideal for you. 
We do have 1RU power strips you can attach to the rack which have 8 outlets in each. 
This is a popular option; the other option is using a multi channel modulator, currently the Thunder-4 is at a great price so it works out to be about the same. 
In this case you would need 5pcs of the Thunder-4 to output 20 channels, using an RF combiner, and less power supplies. 
All of our units are digital modulators, they don't output analog. 
Let me know if you have any other questions, or thoughts, what your preference is etc. 

We have a lot of options for Qam Modulators. We have 8 Channel HDMI input modulators https://thorbroadcast.com/product/1-4-or-8-hdmi-digital-rf-encoder-modulator-8230.html/239 They are a great value for price per channel. Terrific HD picture. We also have individual units like the RF PETIT that can be mounted in Chassis as well https://thorbroadcast.com/product/petit-hdmi-rf-modulator-chassis-system-for-1-12-units.html/254 How many channels are you looking to do out of the 60? Or do you need all 60 replaced?

The maximum RF output power from the modulator is +32dbmv
Please log in to the modulator, the IP address is,
Please check attached instructions as well
In the Modulation Parameters you can set attenuation so the strongest signal is with the "0" attention value.
If you need more than +32dbmv than you would need to use amplifier, or we do have other modulators with the strongest RF output power
Any splitter should work fine
We do have integrators in Texas, but resellers are online mostly
Ok, thank you. Thats what I needed!
No probelm
Do you think just a regular splitter or an amplified splitter?
depends on the coax run
and the particular modulator you're looking at
Petit HDMI RF Modulator. Then about 150 ft run to the splitter and then short runs to the display. At most 30 ft.
I think you should be fine
Ok cool. Thank you.
standard splitter for 45-900mhz will be okay
satelite dish splitters go 1ghz to 2.4ghz
a regular old splitter is very inexpensive
First, please forgive my lack of "tech" terminology regarding your manuals.
I have a Thor digital TV tuner (H-STB-QAM-ATSC) and a Thor Modulator (H-HDMI-RF-PETIT). How do I tell the modulator to switch from coax (antenna input) to HDMI (DVD player) input?
The modulator outputs a signal via RF from the HDMI source
so it needs to be on a vacant channel, if your antenna feed has channels 2-40 then put our modulator on channel 41
I will give that a try. Any vacant channel? I believe my antenna receives channels up to 58. Also, what channel should the Tuner be on or doesn't it matter?
the tuner can be set to the channel you want to watch
okay then set the modulator to 60
after that you need to rescan the STB for AIR
so it picks up your antenna, and also make sure the modulator is set to ATSC, not qam
Thanks. I will try that. Hopefully all will work fine. If not, I'll beg for more help!
you can also call tech support if you get stuck again, 1800-521-8467 ext 2 and they will help you resolve the issue
I can't call, because our cell phone doesn't get a signal at this location. I set the modulator to channel 65 and did a tuner rescan, with no results. Channel 65 does not show up on the tuner.
is the modulator set for ATSC?
and you're doing a scan for AIR on the STB
I need help with the terminology, please. How do I determine these 2 settings?
Using those 3 buttons you can setup the following:
1) Change the channel number
2) Press HOME 1 time: changes the CABLE QAM (J83b) to AIR ATSC modulation (vice versa)
3) Press HOME 2 times: changes DHCP ON or OFF
4) Press HOME 3 times: Reset to default configuration (factory reset)
https://thorbroadcast.com/ is sharing a file with you. h-hdmi-rf-petit-quick-connection-instructions1.pdf - (Size:2.82 MB)
This is the manual for the modulator
so if you click the menu button on the front of the unit and it reads J83B then that is QAM, you need to change that to ATSC which is terrestrial antenna signal
QAM is Cable and ATSC is Antenna essentially, those are the two standards we use in North America
So we just need to get everything on the same standard, if you have an antenna on your house, then we need the modulator and STB decoder box to also be setup for Antenna, which is ATSC
The modulator offers 3 digital readout: J836, dHOF and ASr. Am I to use the ASr setting when scanning?
no stick on J83B which is north american QAM, press the down when its highlighted and it should switch to ATSC
press up on J83B to switch, then DOWN to SAVE
ASR will reset the unit back to factory settings, so don't play with that
Got it!! Thanks so much. So now if I replace the DVD player HDMI with a ROKU HDMI all should work well, yes? Again, thanks.

The encoders in an MPEG-2 system have a delay by nature. The encoder
takes in an uncompressed video or audio signal and applies various
techniques to reduce the data rate, so it can be sent as a modulated
TV channel.
The decoder, or TV tuner, also has some delay as it processes the
encoded data and reconstructs the original signal.
This process takes time and there is nothing that can be done to
eliminate the delay completely.
However, the delay should not be greater than 0.8-1s.

If there is a delay greater than 1s, it is likely that the delay is
coming from something other than the encoding and modulation process.

To test the delay caused by the modulator alone, you can send a clock
signal from a PC to the modulator and to a TV.
Take a picture of the PC screen and the TV next to it, and you will
see that the modulator delay should not be more than 1s.
It's possible that the delay is coming from the ATEM Mini Pro Extreme
or a combination of the ATEM Mini Pro Extreme and the modulator.
this is link to the Timer video you cosul use for testing:

There are different professional and commercial modulators available
that have different chipsets. They can encode and modulate at about
0.3-0.5s, for example,


The Petit modulator is capable of generating a single physical cable channel based on the frequency chart/channel table.



It doesn't have a transport stream multiplexer built into it, it cannot multiplex two programs on a single channel.

You can, however, place these programs on two separate physical channels. For example:

CH4 - 69MHz

CH5 - 79MHz

You can then assign VCT virtual channel numbers, such as 4.1 for the first program and 4.2 for the second program.

This way, the TV will scan and display visual channels, regardless of the fact that they are being transmitted on physical channels 4 and 5.

Please let me know if this explanation is clear.


 If you require the ability to multiplex two or more programs on a single frequency, we do have other multi-channel modulators available.:



At that point yes, those are the more obvious differences. There really isn't much of a difference past that; the petits will take up a lot more rack space, plus you'll need accessories like the PSU and Combiner. 
Using an 8 and a 4 obviously means more rack room, less wires and initial  implementation and setting or troubleshooting  time is much quicker, so installation officiency is much better. 
The difference in actual modulation and power to encode isn't much different on these devices specifically, compared to other ones we have on the shelf. 
Both of those were designed to be easy to use and provide excellent picture quality.  You can't go wrong either way; it's up to a designer's choice at this point. I personally would go less rack space and less clutter by design choice, but every one usually has their opinion on that matter.

No unfortunetly not we do have our own mouting system for multiple HDMI modulators and our own power supply ,

part number: H-PS-12X16 , H-RM-PETTIT,  H-LB-PETTIT

Similar products:

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4K Encoder Modulator. It integrates H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC 10-bit precision encoding technology, multiplexing and modulating functions in a standard 1U case. It supports UHD Ultra-High-Definition Television UHDTV resolution up to 3840 X 2160@60P. Chroma 4.2.2 and 4.2.0 HEVC offers incredible compression efficiency, making live UHD delivery available for satellite, cable, terrestrial and fiber networks.

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