8 Ch SD/HD 3G-SDI Over Single Fiber CWDM Uncompressed Rack-Mountable

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Transport of 8 Ch 3G-SDI Over Fiber F-8SDI-3G-TXRX-RM

Thor Fiber uncompressed 3G-CWDM part number F-8SDI-3G-TxRx-RM come in a kit (Tx & Rx) and are standard configuration Fiber Optic Transmitter and Receivers for Serial Digital signals up to 3G-SDI running at 3.0 Gbps. This system can be ordered with any standard CWDM optics package, and internal passives are available by request.  This is a 8 Channel system based on a standard 40km platform.  No configuration or management is needed, as the system automatically adjusts to any input signal type regardless of bit rate or protocol.  Easy to read LED indicators for Input Signal Detect and optical link are present for all channels. Units come standard with ST/PC fiber connectors and a 1RU 19" rackmount form factor to keep your rack clean. Simplified easy to use plug and play units mean that anyone can deploy these in no time. Commercial grade intricate parts means these will work for years without hassle, backed by Thor Fiber's 5 year warranty and free tech support means a stress free guarantee. 

Thor part number F-xSDI-Tx/Rx designates a fiber optic transmitter or receiver used to transport serialized digital signals up to 3.0 Gbps. Any channel configuration up to 16 channels per fiber can be designated by value "x". Units can be configured to transport any number of SDI channels in either direction up to a total of 16 per fiber. For even higher densities, DWDM systems are available by request. Thor uses high quality DFB lasers for maximum reliability and distance, with off the shelf models functioning up to 50km when used with single mode fiber. F-SDI systems will transport any digital signal from 1 Mbps to 3.0 Gbps independent of protocol or standard. These systems can be used for anything from 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M) to multi rate DVB-ASI down to single program at low bit rates.  F-SDI units incorporate industry standard internal CWDM modules for compatibility with similar systems from other manufacturers, such as Python™ systems. This standardization allows Thor F-SDI equipment to be used in conjunction with other commercial off the shelf transmitters or receivers from other vendors, including Python™ series equipment. All outputs are automatically re clocked to eliminate problems with jitter and to allow for long cable runs out of the receiver. Applications range from live broadcast and Electronic News Gathering to government and scientific research applications. Contact a Thor Sales Representative today for more information on system design and equipment compatibility.


• Compatible with any Serial Digital Signal up to 3.0 Gbps
• Available with internal optics for use with a single optical fiber
• Standardized channels for both CWDM bands for compatibility with Python™ systems
• Passes SDI embedded audio and all ancillary data
• Input equalization and reclocking for SDI video on buffered outputs
• Available in any custom configuration for Bi-Directional Transport up to 16 total channels
• Real-time status LED indicators for troubleshooting and monitoring
• DWDM systems available by request for higher density systems

Application Examples

Model Selection

F-8SDI-3G-TX/RX-RM  8x SD, HD ,3G SDI over single fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit supporting 20Km

F-8SDI-3G-TX/RX-RM-40  8x SD, HD ,3G SDI over single fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit supporting 40Km

F-8SDI-3G-TX/RX-RM-80  8x SD, HD ,3G SDI over single fiber Transmitter and Receiverkit supporting 80Km

F-8SDI-3G-TX/RX-RM-120  8x SD, HD ,3G SDI over single fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit supporting 120Km

Other available configurations:

7x 3G SDI in one direction and 1x 3G SDI in the reverse direction - F-SDI-3G-7TX1RX-RM + F-SDI-3G-1TX7RX-RM

6x 3G SDI in one direction and 2x 3G SDI in the reverse direction - F-SDI-3G-6TX2RX-RM + F-SDI-3G-2TX6RX-RM

5x 3G SDI in one direction and 3x 3G SDI in the reverse direction - F-SDI-3G-5TX3RX-RM + F-SDI-3G-3TX5RX-RM

4x 3G SDI in one direction - 4x 3G SDI in reverse direction  - F-4SDI-B-3G-Tx/Rx-RM



*All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice
Optical Characteristics


  • Wavelength

1310 nm CWDM Band
1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm, 1331nm
1351nm, 1371nm, 1411nm, 1431nm
1550 nm CWDM Band
1471nm, 1491nm, 1511nm, 1531nm
1551nm, 1571nm, 1591nm, 1611nm

*Other Wavelengths Available By Request
*DWDM up to 160 Ch/Fiber By Request

  • Fiber Cable
Single Mode
  • Optical Data Rate
Up to 4.25 Gbps (Model Specific)
  • Optical Source
DFB Laser Module - CWDM
  • Optical Budget
25 dB - Standard
35 dB - Long Range
  • Fiber Connectors
ST/PC - Standard

Electrical Characteristics
  • Input
  • Any Serial Digital Signal up to 3.0 Gbps
  • Input Level
  • 1.00 V Peak to Peak
  • I/O Impedance
  • 75 Ohm
  • Electrical Connectors
  • BNC - 75 Ohm
  • Mechanical/Environmental
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • 480mm x 225mm x 88mm
  • Weight
  • 8-15lb - Depending On Configuration
  • Temperature Range
  • Operating: -10C to + 55C
  • Storage: -30C to + 70C
  • Humidity Range
  • 0 to 95%, non-condensing
  • Power
100 - 240 VAC Auto Switching PSU
10 - 30 Watt Depending On Configuration
Question and Answers
We have a lot of 3G SDI products to choose. Every products on this page is 3G-SDI, we also have single channel compact throwdown kits available as well. https://thorbroadcast.com/products/sdi-sd-hd-3g-with-cwdm Please let me know how many 3G-SDI signals you want to transmit over a single fiber and we'll quote you on it right away.
I have my suspicions of what it is.To prove it I suggest getting 2 units for attempting to find the resolution. 

We have 2 different technologies for multiplexing SDI and other signals.
Inexpensive TDM, we use only one laser, but it has limitations.
F-4MSDI-TX/RX 4 ch SDI over the single fiber - $2495 for TX/RX kit
CWDM -Optical multiplexing, we can multiplex anything on the separate optical wavelengths.
F-4SDI-3GTX/RX  4 ch SDI over the single-fiber  -CWDM

but we have currently only have 8ch in stock: (i will send you 8ch for checking)
if you want to try it, please send us a PO and CC for holding, and we will be glad to send you a unit for testing and approval

Please also take a look at these 1-4 HDMI or SDI encoder/ modulators with IPTV out:



Yes our devices is transparent and can send any SDI signal over fiber up to 3GSDI

Within this standard, there are three formats known as Level A, Level B
Dual Link (B-DL) and Level B Dual Stream (B-DS). The Level A format is
the direct mapping of uncompressed 1080p (up to 60 fps) video into a
the serial digital interface at the nominal 3 Gbit/s. The Level B-DL
the format is the mapping of dual-link HD-SDI/SMPTE 372M (i.e.: 1080p up
to 60 fps) in a single serial digital interface at the nominal 3
Gbit/s. The Level B-DS format is the dual-stream carriage of two
independent HD-SDI/SMPTE 292M signals (720p up to 60 fps or
1080i/1080p up to 30 fps) in a single serial digital interface at the
nominal 3 Gbit/s

We have only 8 slots available on 1U device,
We can do that on 2 or 3 fiber
What is the distance between those 2 locations ?
This is the most economical way over 3 fibers :
1 Unit 8SDI TX and 8 SDI RX ( one fiber )
2 Unit 4SDI TX + 4SDI RX, and 4SDI RX + 4 SDI TX  ( secound fiber)
3  1 Gigabit Ethernet over single fiber  ( third fiber)
We could do it using 2 fibers only, but it is more comlex.
This is the link to the F-SUPERMUX-8 , universal multiplication platform.

The F-8MSDI-TX/RX can support HD-SDI up to 1080i/60, but we can not do
3GDI on it.
We can add 2 Bi-directional Audio card but it will take embedded audio
for the first 2 SDI inputs

The F-8MSDI-ET-TX/RX is a 8 HDSDI + 10/100 Ethernet
We can add 2 Bi-directional Audio card but it will take embedded audio
for the first 2 SDI inputs

If you require 3G-SDI then we need to use CWDM mux.

Or The F-SUPERMUX-8 , this unit can mux any 8 signals

We can not add Bidirectional Audio and Gbe both but the total can not
exide 8 , so 2 x for Bidirectional Audio, 1 for Gig ET and 5 for 3G

If the price matters, I would recommend going with 8 3G SDI
F-8SDI-3G-TX/RX-RM, and external GIG ET and Audio on the separate
devices and separate fibers.

We do have solutions for both of those things, but not in one device. 
So our solution would require you to purchase two different sets over 2 fibers. 
Here are the links:
For SDI we have two options; up to HD-SDI and another for up to 3G-SDI
For Gen Lock we have lots of customers use this product. 
So if you don't mind using 2 sets over 2 fibers, then this will work out  great for you. 
Let me know if you need a formal quote. 

he F-6 SDI-3G-TX supports SDI up to 3G SDI 1080p/59.94/60hz,

it uses 8 separate independent circuits and lasers to
convert electrical SDI signals into optical signals and back to
electrical signals on the receiving side. The 8 optical signals are
passively muxed and demuxed using CWDM. The circuits are completely
independent and fully transparent, so they work as a gateway.

If you need a synchronized signal, this device will not be able to
sync all the signals as they are independent of each other. The only
way to achieve synchronization is by using an external

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