4 Channel HDMI Modulators

4 Channel HDMI Modulators

Modulators are used in telecommunications to send information. In order to transmit information from the transmitter to the receiver, the carrier wave (high frequency signal in a given band) must be modulated with information (e.g. voice, data, low frequency modulation signal, ) with a different frequency. Depending on the type of modulation, the modulator must change the appropriate information size in a given cycle.
Example from practice: An FM radio station (e.g. 100 MHz) generates a carrier wave with an average frequency of 100 MHz, but changes (modulates) its frequency in time using a low frequency signal (voice, music). This can be done, for example, by means of a capacitive diode in the resonant circuit of a high-frequency oscillator to which a low-frequency signal is applied. In this way, its capacity in the LF signal cycle, and thus the resonance frequency of the resonant circuit, changes.

HDMI digital modulator works exactly as described above, using instead of a digital signal which is actually practically in all popular applications standard, instead of analog one. The HDMI connectors themselves are a modern and practical solution applied in most of the modulators nowadays used.


Best 4 Channel Modulators:

The Thor’s QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) modulator is the easiest way to view full HD programming on your very own RF (radio frequency) channel. This inimitable encoder will allow you play any HDMI compatible device tuned to any channel of any choice you make.

Thor Fiber’s engineers will preprogram your device to allow you easy and quick plug & play access to view any video or digital signals on 4 separate QAM channels on your RF infrastructure. Top solutions include Blu-Ray, DVD, Set Top Box, PC, Video Game System, Digital Signage, Security Camera, or Video Insertion on existing Cable TV channel lineup. Creating this way your own TV channel has never been easier.

Thor HDMI to 8VSB (Certified 8-VSB Specialist (8-VSB) is a specialist title granted to an individual that successfully meets the prerequisite certification and examination requirements in the United States) series encoder modulator chassis are designed for corporations or video professionals that need to modulate HD video onto RF carriers compatible with North American ATSC tuners

Over the air television systems in this region use a unique modulation protocol known as 8 level Vestigial Side Band (8VSB) modulation.  While most tuners and television sets sold in North America support demodulation of QAM-256 under ITU-T J.83B in addition to ATSC’s 8VSB signal, most can only tune to one type of signal at a time.  This creates a problem for system integrators who want to inject their own programing into broadband lineups containing channels from a master antenna system.  Thor offers 8VSB modulators for use in any application where ATSC signals must be combined with locally modulated content.

1- 4 HDMI to COAX, Digital modulator HD 720p/1080i/1080p CATV Modulator:  DVB-T PN: H-4HDMI-DVBT-IPLL can broadcast over your existing coaxial system to an unlimited number of televisions with full HD. You can broadcast live HDMI video & ASI as cable TV & IPTV Channels. 

They are simple to distribute over coax and are visible on any TV without needing video adapters or set top boxes.  Thor HDMI to DVB-T modulators are combination devices that bundle real time HD hardware encoders with a managed program stream multiplexer and agile RF QPSK modulator.

Thor Broadcast Trans modulation systems are a 4 RF input modulator and program stream multiplexer with CAM support via 4 CI slots. You can order them for QAM (DVB-C), satellite (DVB-S/S2), and terrestrial (ATSC)(DVB-T) radio frequency RF signal sources. RF signal types can easily be interchanged by removing the modules (you cannot upload firmware to change the modulation functionality, this is hardware based). Also full configuration and management is available on the front panel LCD and keypad. 

Remote access and monitoring is available on a dedicated NMS network port for control through a web browser. Available program streams as well as the IP and ASI inputs can be multiplexed and remapped in any order you choose. Independent output pipes for both ASI and IP are fully configurable.  Industry standard support for Conditional Access is provided by 4 Common Interface (CI) slots. These slots support CAM modules such as Cable Card or any other system using the PCMCIA interface. This platform is ideal for program aggregation and multiplexing in cable TV head ends and corporate MATV systems.

2 HDMI & 2 SDI to CATV RF coax are of great usefulness for cable TV companies for ASI video contribution. This modulator from Thor Broadcast family is designed to handle even more applications than any other 4 channel chassis system that has been available before.  

This system has all the previous award winning features found in Thor Broadcast modulators, as well as several new additional functions for additional applications and bigger flexibility.  The platform provides 5 full RF carrier outputs for generating channels from content ingested through the ASI input.  Encoding in either MPEG-2 or H.264 is provided for 4 crystal clear video streams up to 1080p60 each.  


The modern modulators have many advantages over a direct transmission of the useful signal. You can transmit both analog and digital signals in this way. The proper choice of the best one, optimal adjusted to your requirements may be sometimes difficult. That's why it pays to choose Thor Broadcast solutions. In case of any even small question you can just ask and get an instant answer. An optimal combination of audio-video equipment is too important to leave room for an accident or a chance.

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